A map with all pilots and ATC currently connected to the VATSIM network

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About VatsimMap

This app aims to be the ultimate VATSIM companion! At the current stage of development VatsimMap features - not surprisingly - a map which displays all pilots and air traffic controllers which are currently connected to the VATSIM network. This includes special positions like Eurocontrol! Moreover you can get notified when one of up to 4 aircraft are entering airspace, where ATC is online. You are also able to read the ATIS where ATC has put one up. More features are currently being worked on. Please leave feedback to the email address provided so I can improve the app! This app is provided free of charge, however a small donation to would be greatly appreciated and helps out the development.

Full network access: obviously needed
View network connections: to decide if cached map should be used
Read/write storage: this is needed so that the background map can be cached to save bandwidth and improve user experience
Prevent phone from sleeping: this is needed to ensure the tracking of pilots is working


Users sharing their experience

Was very useful but started crashing on refresh 🙁. PLEASE FIXXXX 🙏 Update, was fixed immediately!! Thanks for the fast response. Amazing app

Reviews Yaniv Orbach
Yaniv Orbach


Reviews Hugo Machado
Hugo Machado

Great tool! Would have been awesome to at least have an option to turn traffic on/off but it is a very useful tool if you want to check for ATC coverage. Great job!

Reviews Igor Cunha
Igor Cunha